Open Show 23 April 2016

East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Open Show
Saturday 23rd April 2016
Judge Niki Wiggins – Kewaunee

Firstly I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for a really enjoyable day and a fantastic lunch!
I would also like to thank my 2 very capable ring stewards – Terri Morrell and Mason.

My thanks also go to all the exhibitors for the wonderful entry and I really appreciated the opportunity to examine each and every dog.

On the whole I was really pleased with the quality of the exhibits and most were shown in excellent condition. I have not mentioned ‘mouths’ individually in each critique as apart from a few minor issues all were good. Movement has however concerned me for quite sometime and there were very few exhibits that moved with the purpose and drive required within our breed. I found a lot of the movement very close both fore and aft. However I was extremely pleased with all my principal winners.
BEST IN SHOW – Elitebull Heartbreaker for Regalbull
RES BEST IN SHOW, BOS – Revelry Soul Diva
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Powerpack Cherokee
BEST VETERAN – Princess Onyx at Elitebull
MPD (3)

1st Freeman & Davis – Kylestaff Moonlight Shadow
Black brindle of 6 months. Lovely compact puppy balanced throughout. Head of correct proportions developing nicely, good width to skull with plenty of depth at this stage. Muzzle strong but not overdone. Ears beautifully placed and neat, round dark eye enhancing his expression. Neat front, enough rib and shape at this stage, topline good, hindquarters displaying correct angulation. Moved as youngster should. Well handled. A super little pup who was very unfortunate in not being able to challenge for best puppy due to being beaten in a later class by a puppy from Junior.

2nd Turners – Quatros Ironclad Buddy
Brindle & white of 7 months. Smart looking pup with a clean well shaped head. Ears well placed and beautiful round dark eye. Super clean muzzle. Plenty of rib and forechest at this stage of development. Topline good, well turned hindquarters. Super coat and condidtion. Another very nice pup handled well.

3rd Darbys – Manark Guns n Roses

PD 3 (2 abs)

1st Freeman & Davis – Kylestaff Moonlight Shadow

JD 6 (1 abs)

1st Mayrens – Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaff
Red & white of just 12 months. There’s alot to like about this lad. Super clean head of correct proportions. Lovely width and depth to skull with strength to muzzle. Well set neat ears which he uses to his advantage. Round darkest of eyes altogether creating a really pleasing expression. Super front with plenty of forechest, rib nicely developed, correct shoulder and topline. Hindquarters well developed and muscular. Moved and handled well, pushed very hard for top honors. I think this young lad will have a super show career!
2nd Turner & Neales – Tegumen Shadow of a Saint
11 month old topsize blk brindle whose age I was unaware of at the time of judging. A smart very mature young lad. Clean well proportioned head. Neat ears and lovely round dark eye. Liked his expression. Front smart with plenty of forechest and well developed nicely sprung rib. Topline is good when moving and freestanding however when stacked this young lad tends to hunch himself. Hindquarters are strong and well muscled. In my opinion this boy would benenfit from being shown freestanding as he looks much better then from all angles, you would get much more from him! Something to practise maybe? BEST PUPPY DOG and RBPIS.

3rd Smiths – Ramblestaff Rackeeter
4th Hirst & Bibbys – Tariel Darth Vadar
5th Turners – Tidestaff Dark Wizard

SYD 5 (2 abs)

1st Rowbothams – Elitebull Black and Brass
Super blk brindle. Very smart, good shaplely head displaying width and depth, distinct stop, beautiful round dark eye and lovely ears all enhancing his expression. Strong neck flowing into correct shoulder. Strength in forechest depth to brisket and well sprung rib, plenty of bone. Good solid dog maintaining topline with muscular well developed hindquarters. Shown in great condition. Alot to like about this young dog. Moved and handled well.

2nd South & Rowes – Illori Lakinlana JW
Quality blk brindle unlucky to meet 1st placed dog today. Fully deserving of his Junior Warrent. Lovely clean head of correct proportions, nothing overdone. Super round dark eye and ears nicely carried. Rib well sprung with plenty of depth. Lovely balanced body enhancing muscular hindquarters. In great condition, shown and handled well.

3rd Deans – Kylestaff Muddy Water

MD 4 (2 abs)

1st Freeman & Davis – Kylestaff Moonlight Shadow

2nd Smiths – Ramblestaff Rackeeter
Blk brindle 3rd in Junior. Smart little dog with pleasing head shape, lovely round dark eye and neat ears. Good front displaying all the correct attributes only 14 months so definitely not the finished article. Just preferred the cleaner outlines of 1.

ND 6 (3 abs)

1st Turner & Neales – Tegumen Shadow of a Saint
Just pipped this class on overall maturity.
2nd Freeman & Davis – Kylestaff Moonlight Shadow
3rd Smiths – Ramblestaff Rackeeter

PGD 4 (4 abs)
LD 7 (2 abs)

1st Martinez – Bullbrothers Dr Who
Well balanced blk brindle dog with super clean outlines. Very close decision between 1 and 2 in this class! Two lovely dogs. Head good displaying neat well carried ears, eyes beautifully round and dark. Strong neck, correctly placed shoulder. Lovely neat front. Well developed in forechest, excellent depth to brisket and ribcage well sprung. Good topline both standing and on the move. Hindquarters are muscular and powerful. Good moving dog well handled.

2nd Booth & Grimwoods – Ramblestaff Just Like Eddy
A blk brindle dog I have judged before and just unlucky to meet 1 today. Could change places any time. Many of the same attributes apply and my decisions were hair splitting!
Super clean head, neat well used ears and lovely round dark eye. Good front displaying plenty of depth and spring to rib. Toned strong hindquarters but didn’t move today as well as I have seen him move in the past. Very well handled.

3rd Prices – Little Beau Geste
I like this dog and have given him top honors before but unfortunately came across 2 good young dogs today.
4th Herons – Manark Fast and Furious
5th Vincent & Groves – Jet Lee

OD 5 (2 abs)

1st Elitebull Heartbreaker for Regalbull JW SHCM
It won’t be long before this dog gains his title I’m sure! An excellent example of our breed. This dog oozes class! Balanced from all angles. Beautiful shapley head showing no exaggeration. Skull of correct proportion, stop distinct, good clean muzzle. Punishing dark eyes and neat well set ears, gorgeous expression. Neck strong flowing into correct lay of shoulder. Excellent front displaying plenty of forechest, ribcage well sprung enhancing depth to brisket, plenty of bone but still athletic in stature. Neat well padded feet. Short coupled with a good topline which he held on the moved. Muscular toned hindquarters with just the right amount of angulation. He powered up and down the mat, best moving dog of the day.
Expertly handled and very pleased to award him BEST DOG & BIS.

2nd Davis – Garforth King
Upstanding blk brindle dog in excellent condition, muscular and toned throughout. Neat clean head of good proportions. Small correctly placed ears. Lovely round dark eye and alert expression. Correct front with ample forechest, depth to brisket and a good spring of rib. Strong neck and good topline nicely held. Powerful muscular hindquarters. Moved and handled well. Pleased to award him RES BEST DOG.

3rd Baldwins – Elitebull Night Mission

1st Funnells – Powerpack Cherokee
Blk brindle of just 6 months. Super balanced puppy on her toes and enjoying herself. Gorgeous head shape, clean and well defined, darkest of eyes, beautiful little ears which she uses to her advantage, all creating an alert wicked expression. Strong neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders, lovely depth to brisket and enough forechest and rib at this stage. Plenty of substance but still maintaining the all important femininity. Topline good although still developing and her hindquarters are well turned with enough muscle for her age. She drives up and down the mat effortlessly a quality she has obviously inherited from her sire. BEST PUPPY BITCH & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

PB 5 (1 abs)

1st Millars – Nickayne Uptown Girl
Smart little girl of 11 months. Maturing nicely. Strong but feminine head balanced throughout. Lovely ear carriage and round dark eye. Excellent front displaying enough depth and width. Well sprung rib. Correct shoulder placement, level topline both standing and on the move. Good bend of stifle, hindquarters are muscular yet not overdone. Moves really well for her age like the MP.Overall in super condition and challenged hard for best puppy bitch. Well handled.

2nd Thorley & Roberts – Tegumen Vanity Kills
Topsize puppy of 11 months. Show in super condition. Liked her overall athleticism. Defined head of good size and shape, beautifully set ears and lovely round dark eye. Good front with ample depth to brisket and spring to rib. Coat neat and in good condition, hindquarters well turned with enough definition. Handled well.

3rd Hillmans – Cardenstaff Jean Genie
4th Davis – Subaron Lady Luck

JB 5 (2 abs)

1st McKimms – Biggleswick Fifty Fifty
Red and white bitch of almost 13 months. Pretty, eyecatching young girl who demands attention. Beautiful feminine head of good depth and width. Strength to muzzle but super clean. Lovely round dark eye, loved her expression. Used neat ears to full advantage. Front smart displaying ample depth to brisket. Ribcage well sprung, neck short leading to correct lay of shoulder. Just the right amount of angulation to her hindquarters. Moved freely with drive. Shown in excellent condition and superbly handled. One to watch! A very well deserved RES BEST BITCH.

2nd Johnsons – Lawstaff Delilah for Tillcar
Blk brindle just over 12 months. Another smart young bitch with many of the same attributes as 1st placed but not quite the substance. Neat well defined head of good proportions, eyes round and dark and ears well placed. Front good with nicely developing depth to brisket and spring to rib. Correct shoulder placement. Lovely turn of stifle. A little difficult to assess movement properly but nonetheless well handled.

3rd Smiths – Ramblestaff Maybe Baby

SYB 2 (1 abs)

1st – Gregorys – Alport Remembrance
Balanced blk brindle. Super head with definition. Eyes strong and dark, ears neat and well used. Strong neck flowing beautifully. Good front. Nice depth to brisket and ample spring to rib. Shoulders well placed. Lovely topline both standing and on the move. Well developed muscular hindquarters. Took a while to settle when she moved, but moved well when she got going.

MB 2 (1 abs)

1st Smiths – Ramblestaff Maybe Baby
Young lady 3rd in a good Junior class. Smart, feminine bitch with a lovely shaped head and a dark round eye. Small neat ears. Correct shoulder placement leading to level topline. Good front showing enough width and depth. Amply sprung rib. hindquarters well developed and turned which enabled her to move well both fore and aft.

NB 2

1st McKimms – Biggleswick Fifty Fifty
2nd Smiths – Ramblestaff Maybe Baby

PGB 7 (3 abs)

1st Rastall & Durhams – Damblaid Eminence Front
Lively and animated blk brindle with a super toned body shown in lovely condition. Head neat and of good size. Eye dark and round, placement correct, Smart front displaying enough width and depth, good strong neck and correct lay of shoulder. Lovely turn of stifle with well developed muscles on her hindquarters. Good mover when settled. Made her handler work hard for it but lovely to see such spirit. Well done.

2nd Turners – Tidestaff Mystical Magic
Blk brindle smaller type than 1. Nicely balanced throughout, however would like to see a little more definition to head but ears are well carried and eyes dark. Strong neck and good lay of shoulder. Couplings are short, smart front and muscular well toned hindquarters. Shown in very good condition and well handled.

3rd Prices – Alport Miss Dior
4th Herons – Stormfire Special Blend at Dilirystaff

LB 7 (3 abs)

1st McDonald & Fosters – Revelry Soul Diva
Blk brindle bitch I judged as a youngster. Not disappointed in her today! Love this girl! She has matured beautifully, clean and well balanced. Although quite strong this bitch never loses her femininity. Head of good width and depth with plenty of strength to muzzle. Her eyes are round and dark, her ears are neat and used to their full advantage thus creating a fabulous expression. Short strong neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders. Gleaming coat. Lovely front ,plenty of forechest, ribcage well sprung and brisket deep. Super toned bodyshape enhancing well turned muscular hindquarters. A very classy girl and I honestly don’t know why she isn’t a Champion. Very well handled.
Extremely pleased to award her BEST BITCH, BOS AND RES BEST IN SHOW.

2nd Hirst & Bibbys – Taraiel Lorde
Blk brindle & white with lovely markings. Very feminine and unexaggerated throughout. Well defined shapely head, beautiful clean muzzle and lovely round dark eye. She has a lovely expression although I would prefer a lighter ear. Front ok but overall body shape is super. Good spring of rib and depth to brisket, light in loin. Another with a sparkling coat which enhances her muscularity. Hindquarters are powerful and display just the right amount of angulation. I think this girl is definitely one you need to get your hands on to appreciate.
Well handled.

3rd Booth & Grimwoods – Dalstaff Razzamataz with Ramblestaff
4th Fulfords – Regallbull Get Up Stand Up
OB 2 (2 abs)
VB 5 (2 abs)

1st Desmonds – Princess Onyx at Elitebull
Lovely blk brindle lady 7 years old and really enjoying her day out. Loved her character as well as her looks, she truly was full of energy! Beautifully shaped head, fairly strong but again displaying that all important femininity. Lovely round dark and neat well set ears. Front smart displaying ample forechest, plenty of depth to brisket and a good spring to rib. Excellent topline both standing and on the move. Muscular well angulated hindquarters. Shown in super condition but this one makes her handler work for it! Grandmother to Best in Show and Great Grandmother to Best Puppy in Show! She obviously passes on her qualities! BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

2nd Herons – Dilirystaff Diamond Girl
7 year old red lady. Lovely clean head, beautiful round dark eye and neat ears all creating a super expression. Nicely balanced all round, good front with enough forechest. Plenty of spring to rib and depth to brisket. Topline good and well held, lovely turn of stifle. Coat nice and short and in super condition. Would benefit from losing a little weight as I feel this would create a much better overall outline. Handled well.

3rd Turners – Tidestaff Firecracker JW
I feel this lady is worth a mention, at 9 years she is the oldest of the veterans today! A nice tidy brindle bitch shown in lovely condition. Neat front enhancing a nicely sprung rib. hindquarters are well bent and muscular. For me she just needs a little more definition in her head shape to complete the overall picture. Shown and handled well.