Champ Show 2018 Bitch

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the committee  for the opportunity to judge their breed championship show which I have been a member of for many many years, it was a honour and pleasure for me, my stewards Pete Rhodes and Frank Reader for doing a great job making my day run smooth .

I would like to thank the exhibitors for the entries and sportsmanship on my day .

Over all the quality of the bitches was 100% but the only thing I would like to mention in the early classes a saw a lot of flat splayed feet which is not good in ones so young and needs to addressing .



1st Miss J Paronneau FV Ch Silver Cross Elvira Dark Profile

B/B she won this class on her fantastic condition , she was fit and hard to the touch at nine years old I was very impressed , nice head shape good ears, good bend of stiffle, she moves ok

2nd Mr M Davis CH Sebsonic Shinealight at Stormbull

B/B What can I say about this girl that has not been said before , a worthy champion and such a honour to be able to go over her ,

3rd Miss A M & Mr T Fawkes Flintstaff Helena ShCH

Tiger brindle who I have admired for some time , strong head but still famine ,dark eye, neat ears , I would like a little weight off her just to give a better outline ,  moved well

4th  Miss S & Miss J Hirst & Bibby C H Taraiel Ciara JW SHCM

5th Mr & Mrs Norton Tikkurilan  Spot On



Minor puppy

1st Mr P Gabel RNB of Spirit-staffs

Red For me just how a puppy should be lovely feminine head developing nicely , black mask ,dark eyes , black nails , moved well,

Owner handled her to perfection

2nd Mr & Mrs Thomas Biggleswick She Devil

Red/ White  clean head shape with no lippyness, good length of muzzle ,nice big teeth , well balanced for age , strong topline which she holds on the move , a lovely standard girl

3rd Mr R & L Jenkins Slatady Gold Digger

Red/white lady , she was a little hard to assess at first , good head shape with dark eyes, nice rose ears, she has a good depth of brisket , strong hind quarters , and moved well

4th Mr S & Mrs L Foster & McDonald Revelry Soul Diva

5th Mrs L Hall Legendstaff Sweet Lady



1st Mr & Mrs Gallagher  Eclypstaff Thumbelina

Brindle could of took this girl home, lovely looking pup nice head shape, good bite, short coupled, strong backend, moved well for one so young, I think this girl will be one to watch for the future for top honours BPB


2nd Mrs A Johnson  Ellchansha Once Upon A Time

B/B good head shape, near ears , good bend of stiffle , round dark eyes, clean lipped , she has a clean front , deep brisket, good rib , she has a good profile , moved well

3rd Mr P English Eclypstaff  Strange Magic

B/B lovely head shape with a good expression when she uses her ears, plenty of bone ,good spring of rib and touch up,  level topline, moves well

4th  Mr J & Mrs N Vazquez & Angluio

5th Mrs N N Beekhuizen Jameelah Staff Ordinary Love



1st Mr & Mrs Johnson Tillcarr Baptism of Fire JW

B/B beautiful gleaming coat and in good condition , lovely head shape, dark eyes , good ear set , good bite, she is a well balance girl and looks good from all angles, she is full of ring presents , moves effortlessly

2nd Mr M Marshall Marstaff True Grit

Red black mask top size young lady who carries her self well , she has a balanced body shape,lovely shaped head , dark eyes , good bend of stiffle ,  stronge backend which powers her movement , one to watch for the future

3rd Ivana Zuranova Marstaff Red Rum

Red litter sister to 2nd , not much between these two, all above applys,  just preferred the more mature body shape of 2nd

4th Mrs N N Beekhuizen  Jameelah Staff Ordinary Love

5th Mrs J C I Ibsen Never Say Never Indys Goldstaffie JCH


Special yealing

1st Mrs D Gregory Ritestaff Mo Chailin

Red/fawn another young lady who is off the top shelf , she oozes quality with neat ears ,lovely stronge head but still feminine , good bite, lovely clean front, well ribbled , short coupled, she moves with power and drive

2nd Mr Kirk Jodanzac Fireball Red

Top size lady who I have seen mature in to a good example with her young lady handler ,good head and expression,  dark eyes , neat ears, plenty of bone , she has plenty of rib, strong mover when she gets going .

3rd Ivana Zuranova Marstaff Red Rum

4th Mrs SK Marshallsay Fergustaff Tudor Queen

5th Mr Greaves Rumaco Sweet Mischief



1st Mrs L Hall Legendstaff Sweet Lady

B/B super little puppy who’s head is stunning , short muzzle with no lippyness, she has a lovely expression,good dark eyes, neat ears , one to watch for the future

2nd S C Hopkins Raspberry Ripple of Spirit- Staff

Red she is a lovely puppy but a little shy , but Time is on her side and will only get better , everything is there at this age

3rd R Arnaud Nou Yem Hot Island of Kreolpride

Tiger brindle , for me we need more of them , dark eyes , clean head shape with good muzzel length , in fit conditions , moved well

4th Ms J A Bedford Smokemonts Mornin Surprise




1st Marshall & Say Fergustaff Tudor Queen

Red/white pied , she has lovely clean lines , nice feminine head , neat ears, good clean front and body shape,short coupled,  plenty of rib, she moved well

2nd Mrs M Hall Legendstaff Sweet Lady

3rd SC Hopkins Raspberry Ripple of Spirit-staff

4th Mr R Arnaud Nou Yem Hot Island of Kreolpride

5th Mr & Mrs Miller Skyland Ontario



1st Mrs LS Beesley Maxstaff Miss Whizz

Deep Red, dark eyes which she didn’t take off me, she has a attitude full of spirit, black mask with lovely black eye rims, clean muzzel ,well padded feet with black nails,  clean front , short coupled, strong backend , you could see the second thigh clearly ,she is in super hard condition  she moved with purpose and drive RCC

2nd Mr Kirk  Jodanzac Fireball Red

3rd Mr & Mrs Norton  Tikkurilan Spot On

Brindle she has a lovely clean head shape , good length of muzzel,with no lippyness ,big teeth with good bite, slightly longer in the back to 1 & 2 , she moves well , holding her topline, good tail set .

4th Mr D Geoghegan Devil in The Skies at Warigal

5th Ms G & Ms E McDermott & Bernhardsson



1st Mr R Fleming & Mr P Martin Loyalstaff The Star of Eden

B/B she walk in to the ring full of look at me , you could not dismiss her ,

Gleaming coat in super hard condition, properly stronger than I would normally go for but she is full of ring presents and showed her socks off , dark eyes , neat ears, plenty of bone , she looks good from all angles , move well with a good topline

2nd Miss L Knight Elitebull Enigma

B/B unlucky to meet 1st today , she is another top class bitch , feminine head , neat ears , she is not overdone , well padded feet in fit condition , good tuck up, moved well


3rd Mr & Mrs Robinson -Cox Studstaff Sugar and Spice of Hamason

Red/white very attractive young lady , feminine head with dark eye rims ,clean front , short coupled , moved well, has a nice profile

4th Mrs P Funnell Powerpack Cherokee

5th Mr AD & Mrs G Jones Rougestaff Flaming Ice



1st Mr & Mrs Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff

Red/white pied , a good standard bitch , she has a lovely clean head shape ,darkest of eyes ,she has a nice length of muzzel with no lippyness , short coupled , tends to keep her ears back ,on my last inspection she decided to bring her ears forward and she looked beautiful ,  moves  well when settled , BCC

2nd  Mr A Hedges Arnhem Nice as Ninepence

Red bitch beautiful head shape strong but feminine, good length of muzzel, well placed ears, good stop,  tight feet ,nicely padded,  moved well,keeping her topline, good tail set

3rd Mr & Mrs Smith  Willowstaff Eternal Flame

Red bitch she has a lovely head , and expression, dark eyes , thin ears which she uses ,clean front , , good bend of stiffle ,  she a good profile from all angles , her strong backend powers her good movement .

4th Mr S & Mrs D Saunt CH Crudha Nortic Star

5th Mr W & Mrs K Jackson Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny




Marie Morris