Champ Show 2017 Dogs Critique

East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Championship Show

Held At

The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

Saturday 11th November 2017



Very many thanks to the Committee and Members of the East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for inviting me to judge at their fabulous show.  Also, thanks to Brian and Ian, my two able stewards who helped to keep things running smoothly throughout the day.  Finally, not forgetting the exhibitors without whose efforts and hard slog, there would be no shows.

I found no bad mouths, just a couple with misplaced smaller teeth, some of the brindles with eyes not dark enough and also heavy lips.  Tails on some exhibits were carried much too high and this is a fault that seems to be getting worse.  Also, some of the owners need to pay more attention to the feet – splayed feet and weak pasterns can be improved with road work.

Having said that, there were many top quality dogs who went without a card today, particularly in the higher classes.  I was very pleased with all of my top placing’s, particularly my CC and RCC winners, both of whom are excellent examples of the breed, oozing breed-type who I would be happy to take home any day.

My co-judge and I agreed that the bitch, which was of such quality and sound in all departments, moving gracefully across the floor and showing herself to her full advantage, should be Best In Show with the Dog CC winner going RBIS.


  1. Jones’s BLAZINSTAFF LIGHT MY FIRE JW ShCM: Red & White, good head, neat and tidy ears, correct mouth, nice depth of brisket and good spring of rib with a good level topline.  Sound hindquarters, moved and showed well.
  2. Cartwright’s CH ZAKSTAFF GAME ON JW: Brindle of the right shape and size with good ear carriage.  Strong jaw and correct bite.  In good coat condition.  Handled and showed well.
  3. Folwell and Morris’s ROWELLSTAFF MR FERGUSON.


  1. Lee’s MOLRU THROWING SHAPES: Black brindle.  A promising youngster with nice head type, neat and tidy ears, dark eyes, correct mouth, good depth of brisket, sound backend with good movement.
  2. Desmond’s ELITEBULLS CHALLENGER: Brindle of just over 6 months of age so not as mature as 1st but will improve with age.  Well carried ears, dark eyes and correct set of teeth.  Moved, handled and shown well.


  1. Roger’s & Slack’s BERRYSTOCK HAWKER TEMPEST: Black brindle, strong-headed puppy.  Neat, tidy and well-carried ears.  Dark eyes and correct mouth.  Good depth of brisket and level topline.  Sound backend with good movement in good coat. BEST PUPPY DOG.
  2. Calonge’s DIAMONDS OF BLANCH KNOCK-OUT: Black brindle with a good head and expression, correct bite and dark eyes.  Correct ear carriage, good front, strong hindquarters and moved soundly.  Very well handled – a close decision with 1st place.
  3. Bradley & Thomas’s BIGGLESWICK WILLSFORD.


  1. Axe’s HARLEY’S CHOICE: Brindle with nicely moulded head with correct eye placement.  Well carried ears with a strong jaw and correct bite.  Good depth of brisket and a level topline.  Strong backend and stood four-square.  Showed and handled well.  Pleased to award RCC and I believe today’s win gave him his JUNIOR WARRANT – well done!!
  2. Anchor’s VALGLO DADDY COOL: Brindle.  A close decision with 1st place but preferred tidier feet of my winner.  Strong headed with tidy, well-carried ears, dark eye and correct mouth.  Well-boned and a good level topline.  Moved and showed well, in good coat condition.
  3. Lindley’s DAZMARNIC ME TO YOU.


  1. Cartes’s OVER THE TOP OF SPIRIT-STAFFS: Mahogany brindle.  Very nice standard dog with a good head, typical expression with tidy ear carriage, dark eyes and a clean bite.  A nice depth of brisket with good rib and a level topline.  Strong hindquarters, in good coat.  Moved, handled and showed well.
  2. Jordan’s DAZMARNIC KNOW WOT I MEAN: Red with white chest.  Strong headed dog with tidy ears, large teeth with a good bite.  Enough bone with a good depth of brisket.  Correct backend, held his topline on the move.  In fine condition.


  1. Fox’s JOLIHEM STAND BY ME N.A.F. White.  A cobby dog with good head and tidy ears.  Darkest of eyes, clean correct mouth.  Good boned legs with a level topline.  Moved and showed well.
  2. Wilson’s NORTHSTAFF NOTORIOUS: 3rd in MINOR PUPPY.  Obviously not so mature as 1st place but should improve with age.  Sound in all departments with good coat condition.  Showed and handled OK.
  3. Fairhurst’s FAIRLENIUMS IRON MAN.


  2. Fox’s JOLIHEM SOLID GROUND N.A.F. Mainly white.  Head of good type.  Correct dark eye with well carried ears.  Good front with ample strength in backend.  Moved with a level topline.  Shown in good coat.


  1. Marshallsay’s FERGUSTAFF JACK FROST: Red.  Upstanding dog with nice, typical Stafford head.  Neat and tidy ears with a dark eye and a good mouth.  A decent brisket, strong hindquarters.  Kept a level topline on the move.  Handled and showed good.
  2. Clark’s ROWELLSTAFF OOH AAR CANTONA: Another good headed red with very little to separate this and 1st place.  Correct ear carriage, darkest of eyes with a good bite.  Good bone and depth of brisket.  A strong, solid backend in good coat condition.  Handled and showed very well.
  3. Nock’s HAPPY DAZE.

LIMIT DOG 18 (8)

A class of exceptional quality dogs.

  1. Lewis’s BIGGLESWICK SPLASH OF GINGE: Red with white front feet.  Typical strong, correct Stafford type of head with nicely carried ears and dark eyes with the proper placement giving that lovely expression.  Strong underjaw, clean lipped with correct bite.  A good depth of brisket with enough bone and a short, thick neck flowing into good, well-sprung ribs.  Strong hindquarters with a good bend of stifle.  Kept a level topline and moved with ease.  Presented in top class condition, showed and handled very well.  Pleased to award CC and, with co-judge’s agreement RBIS.
  2. Lahodova’s DANNY G FRANSIMO BOHEMIA JW: Red.  Another strong headed dog with darkest of eyes, neat and tidy ears, correct mouth and clean lipped.  Nice strong front with a good brisket and enough rib.  A level topline with well-bent stifle.  Moved, handled and showed himself to advantage.
  3. Higham’s CALLASTAFF LAKELAND LAD: Nice moulded head with all correct requirements on this upstanding, quality brindle dog.  Sound in all departments, showed and moved with drive.  Presented in good coat and expertly handled.

OPEN DOG 25 (9)

Another class full of top quality dogs with only a few minor points separating the winners.

  1. Miller’s DELDENA’S BLACK SHADOW: Top size, strong-headed brindle dog with a good width of skull, neat ears, dark round eye.  Strong, broad muzzle with correct mouth, straight front and well-boned.  A good level topline.  Good bend of stifle with hocks well let down.  Moved well and showed in good coat.
  2. Hurst & Bibby’s TARAIEL BUSTER RHYMES: Brindle with a lovely head shape and nice expression.  Dark, round eyes and tidy, nicely carried ears.  A good mouth with strong underjaw and clean bite.  A nice depth of brisket with a level topline and strong backend giving the desired movement.  Handled and showed well.
  3. Stanway’s AUS.CH. MOSSTROOPER KENTUCKY MOON: Mainly white with red.  Presented in fine coat condition with a good head and neat, well-carried ears.  A strong muzzle and a super set of clean, white and correct teeth.  Moved with ease and kept a good topline, propelled by his forceful movement.