Champ Show 2018 Dog’s



10th November 2018     DOGS.


My thanks to everyone at the Club for giving me the honour of judging Dogs at this very prestigious show. Thank you for my gift which will always remind me of the occasion. A special thank you to my three stewards who did a superb job enabling everything to run smoothly. I am also grateful to the exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to go over their dogs. Decisions in most classes were close and with quality so high some very good dogs went cardless. I found no breathing problems and no misplaced lower canines.


Veteran Dog (12/6abs)


1st. Corcoran’s CH/IR/INT CH ZAKSTAFF WHAT’S THE STORY AT MOLRU. What a dog! 8 years old and still in great condition. Superb headpiece, good bite, dark eye, short backed with a great spring of rib. Good angulation, great balance and very good on the move. A pleasure to go over a dog of such quality. A great start to the day.


2nd. Cartwright’s CH ZAKSTAFF GAME ON (JW). Another top class 8 year old! Similar comments to previous, all the essentials and again shown in hard condition. A credit to the breed, the breeders and his owners.




Minor Puppy Dog (8/2abs)


1st. Smart’s TNT EDITION RENEGADE OF ARNHEM. Flashy R/W youngster who should have a good future. Promising head, good bite, neat ears and straight front. Good topline , well let down at hock and a good bend of stifle. Moved well for his age and was well handled.


2nd. Corcoran’s MOLRU THE NAVIGATOR. Another quality exhibit, this time a Bl/br with a well proportioned head. All the essentials are good, an excellent young dog who should have a bright future in the show ring.




Puppy Dog (8/2abs)


1st. Calonge’s STORMFIRE SEX SYMBOL. A maturing young Wh/Bl dog with much to admire, typical head, dark eye, good bite, straight front, and level topline. Short coupled with a good spring of rib, an eye-catching exhibit who moved well and was shown in hard condition. Best Puppy in Show.


2nd. Campbell & Irvine’s DIAMONDSTAFF BOMBER BROOM. A Bl/br dog that catches the eye. Promising skull of good proportions, enhanced by well-set dark eyes giving him a great expression. Again all the essentials are correct, he was of sound construction and was well up on his pasterns, a very neat puppy.




Junior Dog (11/1abs)


1st. Moureu-Larrang’s NEVER DIES ICE WHITE DU CLAN’ MOLOTOV. An eye catching white dog of quality. Typical head with dark eyes and neat ears that gave him that unique expression  of the breed. Square front, well up on pasterns, good rib and rear construction, he looked even better on the move. A top class young dog who deservedly won a tough class.


2nd.Calonge’s STORMFIRE LEBRON JAMES. A standard sized red dog with a deep through skull and powerful muzzle. Short backed with a well sprung rib, a cobby dog with a strong back end, shown and handled well.




Yearling Dog (10/0abs)


1st. Major’s MAXSTA FLOYD LORD OF THE WENT. Bl/br. An excellent specimen of the breed, typical head and expression, dark eyes and good bite. A great profile when viewed from any angle. Short coupled with well sprung ribs. Good muscular development and plenty of drive on the move, a promising future.


2nd. Wilson’s NORTHSTAFF NOTORIOUS. Another Bl/br, similar virtues as one. Pleasing head with good cheek bumps and under jaw. Muscular neck, stood foursquare with a good bend of stifle. Worked hard to secure second place in a very strong class.




Maiden Dog (3/0abs)


1st. Membury’s MITZSTAFF KNOCKOUT. A young, standard sized red dog. A pleasing head and expression. Correct bite, ears OK, good topline and quarters. Moved OK for a youngster, just needs time to mature.


2nd. Broberg’s BIGGLESWICK REPTON BOY. I must give credit to his handler for his efforts, when this young Br/w dog settles down and matures I think he will become a good example of the breed because he has enough virtues to do well.

One to watch.


3rd. Robinson, Robinson-Cox & Cox’s HAMASON RED REVIVAL.


Novice Dog (3/1abs)


1st. Lahodova’s JOY MAB CYNTAF FRANSIMO BOHEMIA. A red dog with a white front. Typical head with dark eyes and neat ears. Straight front, good rib and tuck. Level topline and moved OK. A balanced young dog with more to come.


2nd. HAMASON RED REVIVAL. A pleasure to go over this dog, he has many positives, an excellent head, ears, eyes, stop, muzzle and underjaw all good. Good bone, spring of rib and muscular development. He kept a level topline on the move and moved well.


Post Graduate Dog (17/2abs)


1st. Louison’s SENNYARDS EMPIRE STATE OF MIND. A well balanced Bl/br dog with lots to admire. Deep through head of correct proportion, good stop, strong in muzzle, good bite and dark eyes correctly set. He has good angulation fore and aft, was shown in very hard condition and was very impressive on the move.


2nd. Preston’s TILLCARR FIRE STARTER. Another classy dog from the well known kennel on show today. Much to admire about this Bl/br, typical head, neat ears, dark eyes, good stop and correct bite. Well constructed body. He has a good lay back at shoulder and a good bend of stifle. An excellent profile standing and moving.




Limit Dog (17/4abs)


1st. Rogers’ & Slack’s BERRYSTOCK HAWKER TEMPEST. A Bl/br dog of standard size and weight, He has excellent balance when viewed from any angle. He has a head of correct proportions with a good stop, a scizzor bite, good cheek muscles and a dark eye that gave him a wicked expression so typical of the breed. Good lay back at shoulder, tight fitting smooth coat over a close coupled body with a level topline, a good tuck, a correct bend of stifle and a neat tail. He is an eye catching dog of quality standing and on the move. CC & RBIS.


2nd. Shipp & Hammond’s HAMMYSTAFF HANKY PANKY WITH IDYLLICSTAFF (JW). Powerful red dog who stands foursquare. He has a cracking head with a deep through muzzle, correct bite and dark eyes. A muscular neck and a well sprung ribcage. A well boned dog with excellent muscular development, a straight front and good back end. He demanded attention, looking good standing and on the move. I was pleased to award him a well deserved Res CC.


3rd. Clark’s OOH AAR CANTONA.


Open Dog (13/2abs)


1st. Breckell’s CH CHISWELSTAFF LET’S DANCE (JW). I first judged this dog as a puppy predicting a promising future, he has certainly fulfilled that! A Bl/br dog who is one of the fittest dogs on the circuit at the moment. Superb head with all the essentials, deep and well sprung rib cage. Close-coupled body, hard as nails. Looked good all round and impressed on the move to win a very competitive class, a worthy champion and a pleasure to go over.


2nd. Lewis’ CH BIGGLESWICK SPLASH OF GINGE. Red dog, very similar in type and condition to one. Strong in all departments, great head with a typical expression, all in order. Good bone and spring of rib with a good tuck. Good angulation at shoulder, well muscled rear end with correct bend of stifle. Moved with confidence, quality breeding and well handled.