April 2019

Amélie Chaine ( Des Terres d’Armor )
Firstly I would like to thanks the East Middlands SBTC committee for inviting me to judge, I thoroughly
enjoyed my day . The hospitality shown to myself, my friend and her 4 years old son travelling with me
was wonderful. Taking such good care of us and so benevolent with us in every way. The venue was
lovely with a warm weather.
A huge thank you to each exhibitor who enterred their dogs and took all my decisions in a sporting
Thanks to my ring stewards , Claire Rogers and Debbie Saunt who organised the ring perfectly.
Overall quality was very good and i was pleased with most of the exhibits. There were a few faults,
mouths, structure…I found quite a few with tight bites .

MINOR PUPPY DOG ( 4 entries/ 1 abs)
I must say that i was really pleased with those 3 puppies, each of us different, but each very promissing.
1st Desmond’s Elitebull Charger – 7 months old B/B dog . Keen expression, clean headshape with dark
eyes . Good underjaw. Small neat ears. Straight and solid front . Excellent structure for one so young.
Level topline. Short coupled body with good back end. Moved with drive and purpose up and down the
ring. Handled very well
2nd Hillman Chalexstaff The Heathen – 7 months old B/B with white chest and front legs . Pleasing and
clean headshape / expression with dark round eyes. Well set ears of correct size. Good mouth and
strong underjaw. Strong neck , good front , well laid shoulders. Good ribs . Correct topline. Moved well
when settle . Handled well.
PUPPY DOG ( 8 entries / 2 abs)
1st Breckell’s Chiswelstaff Deja Vu – B/B with white on chest. Balanced dog with good structure and
bones. Strong headshape but nothing overdone . Good mouth. Correct eyes placement and color.
Straight front with good feet and solid pastern. Ample brisket, short coupled body. Very good coat
condition .He moved well. Well presented.
2nd Taylor & Annakin’s Holmane Cavansite – B/B with white marking on chest. Standard sized dog,
balanced all over. Good headshape with correct ratio muzzle/skull. Well set ears of good size. Good
mouth. Good front with well developped chest, well padded feet turn out a little. Excellent topline.Good
hindquarters. Well presented in good condition.
JUNIOR DOG ( 6 entries )
1st Johnson’s Ellchansha Hotshot – B/B standard sized dog, nothing overdone , balanced. Not mature
yet, but no doubt it’s full of good things to come with him. Keen expression, with dark round eyes,
enough stop, clean headshape. Correct bite. Good front well boned with nice well padded feet. Good
topline which he held well on the move. Moved and handled well. Res Best Dog .
2nd Wise ‘s Montgomery Guard – B/B dog. Correct standard size. Clean headshape,with good

proportions, correct scissor bite. Good topline, front ok with tight feet . Deep chest and good spring of
rib. Good back end, well muscled hindquarters. Moved ok and handled well.
YEARLING DOG ( 0 entries)
MAIDEN DOG ( 0 entries)
NOVICE DOG ( 0 entries)
POST GRADUATE DOG ( 3 entries / 1 abs )
1st – Blanch’s Stormfire Lebron James JW – A standard size red dog with white chest, powerful but not
overdone . Correct headshape. Good eyes colors and placement. Good ears set. Level topline, good
straight front and chest, very good bones. Level topline. Well developed hindquarters with correct
angulations. Moved and handled well .
2nd – Thompson’s Alport Hallo Man – B/B dog , standard size, strong head . Small ears, well set. Straight
front with plenty of bone. Well padded feet. Good depth of brisket. Good back end. Excellent coat
condition. Moved and handled well.
LIMIT DOG ( 1 entry )
1st – Heron’s Dilirystaff All the Rage – A nice red and white markings dog with a lovely headshape.
Correct eye and ear placement, teeth & bite good. Good neck and well-placed shoulders. very good
chest and spring of rib. Correct back end . Well set tail. Moved very well both ways . Handled well.
OPEN DOG ( 1 entry )
1st – Desmond’s CH Elitebull Challenger – A top quality B/B dog, balanced overall, with a superb and
alert expression. Clean headshape with tight lips. Well set neat rose ears , dark eyes, distinct stop. Good
mouth and underjaw . Straight front with good depth. He has ample bone and well up on pasterns.
Excellent coat condition. Moved and handled very well. Def the Star of the day, looks excellent from any
angle . A pleasure to award him Best Dog and Best in Show today.
SPECIAL VETERAN DOG (7-9 YEARS ) ( 1 entry )
1st – Price ‘s Little Beau Geste – A lovely 9 1/2 years old dog. Clean head shape, nice expression with
dark and round eyes. Well placed ears. He has a straight front with well padded feet. Good spring of rib.
He is short coupled with correct back end. Good topline. Very good coat texture. Moved and handled
OK. Best Veteran.
SPECIAL VETERAN DOG ( 10+ YEARS ) (0 entries)
MINOR PUPPY BITCH (2 entries )
1st Wilson’s Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin – Litter sister to my 1st Minor Puppy dog . 7 months old
B/B bitch. Good headshape with very distinct stop. Dark eyes . Strong underjaw. Well placed ears that
she uses well when you look at her. She has a straight front,no weakness at the pastern. Level topline
and good back end. Moved and handled very well .
2nd Higginson’s Legacy Staffords One Spirit Free Lilu – 6 months old , B/B bitch Clean headshape with
tight lips, dark eyes and well placed / set ears. Good bite. Good front.She has a good length of neck and
correct shoulder placement. Correct topline and hindquarters. Moved ok for her age. Handled well.
PUPPY BITCH ( 9 entries / 1 abs )
1st Thomas ‘s Biggleswick She Devil – Standard red bitch with white on chest / front legs and dark mask.
Correct and feminine headshape, with clean and tight lips. Good pigmentation , dark round eyes.
Excellent structure overall. She was shown in very good condition. Straight front, good shoulders. Level
topline, very good hindquarters. Good drive in movement and held her topline. Handled very well.

2nd Hinsley & Rogers’s Berrystock Fallen Angel at Tigerbull – B/B bitch stronger than my 1st , but not
overdone. Good and clean headshape , with darkest eyes . Good ratio muzzle / skull. Correct front, good
shoulders. Well boned and compact body with good ribs. Moved well up and down the ring. Handled
JUNIOR BITCH ( 3 entries )
1st Johnson’s Ellchansha Once Upon a Time – cracking B/B with white on blaze standard bitch .
Balanced all over. Pretty headshape with dark round eyes , excellent proportions, well set ears of good
size. Very good bite. Excellent front and feet. Correct bend of stifle. Level topline held on the move.
Excellent coat and condition . Moved and handled very well. A pleasure to award Best bitch and Res
Best in Show today.
2nd Yates ‘s Ellchansha Happy Ever After – Litter sister to my 1st , lovely B/B bitch with white on chest. A
bit smaller than her sister but well balanced and standard . Nice head and expression with clean lips and
very good underjaw . Good ears carriage. Correct front and bones. Very good topline. Excellent
condition. Moved and handled well.
YEARLING BITCH (2 entries )
1st Hoggard & Afsar Lonemoor Inion de for Zaagabull – Lovely standard B/B bitch . Nice head and
expression with good proportions and ratio skull / muzzle . Well set ears. Good mouth in scissor. Dark
eyes .Straight front, well padded feet. Good shoulders. Level topline, good muscular back end.Shown in
tip top condition. Moved and handled well.
2nd Bowler Kyraloebis Virginia Plain at Trelynbow – B/B bitch. Correct headshape , distinct stop , dark
round eyes. Good front with well padded feet , deep chest , enough bones. Not overdone but carrying a
little too much weight today. Moved well, just need more confidence in the ring , no doubt it will be
improved in futur. Handled well.
MAIDEN BITCH ( 5 entries / 2 abs )
1st Thomas ‘s Biggleswick She Devil (see 1st Puppy Bitch )
2nd Folwell & Morris’s Rowellstaff Tiger Toes -Small brindle with white blaze bitch. Correct and clean
headshape , pretty expression, dark round eyes , correct bite. Good lenght of neck She is well boned,
her front is correct and solid with well padded feet. Good chest and good spring of rib, correct depth to
her brisket. Moved and handled well.
NOVICE BITCH ( 4 entries / 1 abs)
1st Thomas ‘s Biggleswick She Devil ( see 1st Puppy Bitch)
2nd Folwell & Morris’s Rowellstaff Tiger Toes ( see 2nd in Maiden )
1st Kirk ‘s Jodanzac Fireball Red Jw – Standard red bitch with white on chest. Pretty headshape with a
lovely expression and good ratio muzzle/skull. Dark round eyes. Well set small ears used to advantage.
Good scissor bite. Good lenght of neck. Correct front with well padded feet. Good topline standing and
moving. Well ribbed. Good rear quarters with a correct bend of stifle. Moved and handled very well . Res
Best Bitch today.
2nd Beesley’s Maxstaff Miss Whizz – Red bitch with white blaze and dark mask. Strong but yet a lovely
feminine expression with dark eyes . Well boned and solid front with depth chest . She was in good
condition with a well muscled body and excellent coat condition. Moved and handled very well.
LIMIT BITCH ( 4 entries )
1st Mcdermott’s Kings and Queens Over the Moon Jw – B/B standard size bitch , balanced all over. Nice
expression with dark eyes , well set and neat rose ears of good size. Good mouth. Tight lipped. Good

underjaw . Straight and solid front with tight feet. Good depth to brisket. Level topline, short coupled body
. Shown in excellent condition. Moved and handled very well.
2nd Desmond’s Elitebull Moonbeam – B/B bitch with white on chest. Lovely and clean headshape with
dark round eyes giving her a pretty expression, demanding attention and looking at you. Excellent mouth
. Solid structure overall. Good front, no weakness at the pastern with well padded feet. Level topline .
Good back end . I feel she would benefit to carry a little less weight. Moved and handled very well.
OPEN BITCH ( 1 entry)
st Hedges’s Arnhem Nice as Ninepence – Strong red bitch, nothing overdone, very nice head and
pleasing expression with enough stop. Clean headshape and lips with good ratio muzzle / skull. Good
teeth. Dark round eyes. Well set ears of good size. Her front is clean with good width of chest. She has
ample bone. Good spring of rib. In very good shape and condition . She moved well and was handled
st Turner’s Tidestaff Mystical Magic – B/B standard bitch of 9 years, Lovely , feminine and clean head ,
alert expression , dark eyes, well set ears . Excellent front with enough bone. Tight feet. Excellent topline
for age. Moved and handled very well . She seems to really enjoyed her day.
st Turner’s Tidestaff Firecracker JW – Brindle bitch of 12 years , top size. Nice expression and good
head . Good ears set. Straight front with neat well padded feet. Very good structure overall. Standing up
on her toes today. Moved and handled really well. She is in really good shape for her age , a credit to her
lady owner. Best Veteran bitch
nd Desmond’s Princess Onyx at Elibull – B/B bitch of 9 years, standard and balanced , Nice head with
distinct stop, dark eyes, well set ears . Correct front with tight feet. Enough bone. Well ribbed. Another
one in excellent condition for her age. Moved well when settle. Handled very well.