Open Show 2017

I would like to thank the committee of the EMSBTC for inviting me to judge my first breed club show in the UK and for looking us so well during the day. I was also like to thank everyone who entered under me and giving me the chance to judge your dogs. It was nice to judge in such a friendly warm environment and to see a good turn out of spectators. Thank you so much to my stewards for helping things run so smoothly.


Minor Puppy Dog

1st CALAZDE BLACK HAWK WAR. 8.5 Month old black brindle possessing a well shaped balanced head, neat ears, dark eye, correct bite. Good straight front with the correct turn out at the pasterns and good neat feet, He has a well balanced body with good rear angulations and good tail carriage. He moved well for his age and was well handled. BPD AND BPIS

2nd WYREFARE ACE OF SPADES. 6 Months old today. Very immature puppy but showing quality at this stage. Nice shaped head and dark round eyes, good scissor bite, clean lips, good straight front and neat feet. Short back and level top line.


Puppy Dog

1st HAMMYSTAFF HAMISH. Powerful pied youngster of 10 months. Nice head and expression, darkest of eyes, neat ears. Straight front and well padded tight feet, powerful short neck, short in back with a good spring of rib, looked balanced from all angles. This lad would benefit from some ring training to get the best out of him.


Junior Dog

1st RUBERICLA TRAILBREAKER. Black brindle that definitely has that x factor! Excellent head that’s clean and balanced, tidy rose ears, dark eyes, correct scissor bite, excellent front and neat well padded feet. He has a excellent well balanced body, Short back and level topline, good rear angulations, moved well. He lost out to best dog on maturity today and in my opinion he is still maturing and there is more to come from him yet. Good luck with him RBD and RBIS

2nd HOMAFAR LAST CHANCE. Black brindle that like 1 is still immature. Nice well balanced head, correct rose ears, good round eye, correct bite, he also has a nice expression when you catch his attention. Straight front and good bone, short coupled, moved well



1st DEJABLUES DESTINYS PRINCE. Up to size black brindle with a good head and strong under jaw, distinct stop, correct bite. Well balanced body with a short back, good rib and strong well angulated back end. Moved well, He won the class on his type and balance

2nd FOYLEGARTH HAKUNA MATATA. Strong headed dog with neat ears, correct bite and dark eye. Good straight front with good width. Short in back with a level top line, well muscled back end, correct angulations and good tail carriage, moved ok




2ND BETHALEESE’S FERRARI. Strong top sized brindle with a white blaze on his front, good head, correct bite, short neck, short in back holding a level top line stood and on the move, correct tail set and carriage, moved well



1st  CALAZDE BLACK HAWK WAR. Winner of minor puppy dog



1st  MANARK GUNS N ROSES. 3rd in special yearling.  Standard sized black brindle. Nice balanced head just a tad fleshy around the muzzle, dark eye and distinct stop, nice expression. Straight front and neat feet, short coupled with a good spring of rib, level topline when stacked and on the move. Moved out much better in this class than his last.



1st ELITEBULL BLACK AND BRASS JW. Top quality black brindle dog. Excellent head and nice keen expression, neat ears and correct scissor bite I would just prefer a darker eye to finish the picture off. His front is straight with good bone, short powerful neck, tidy well padded feet, well balanced body with a short back and good strong back end, moved well

2nd KYRALOEBIS THE BOGUS MAN AT TRELYNBOW. Another quality dog just stronger than 1st place. He has a balanced head that is strong but clean, good bite, neat ears and dark eyes. Good front and feet, short back and good spring of rib, well balanced from all angles. A nice dog but I just preferred the type and fitness of 1 today



1st GARFORTH KING. What a cracker! I could not take my eyes off this dog when judging this class. Up to size black brindle, Excellent head that is powerful but classy and clean, good ears and dark eye, excellent bite and large teeth, awesome expression that has that x factor. Short powerful neck and correct lay of shoulder, fantastic front with nice depth of brisket, level top line and good spring of rib, good rear end that is well angulated. He is a picture of balance from any angle. Moved and handled well. He had great muscle tone but I would prefer just a shade more weight off him but this didn’t put me off awarding him BD AND BIS. Good luck with him in the future!

2nd KIMSTAFF’S HARRY POTTER JW ShCM. Standard sized black brindle that also has plenty of quality, good balanced head with neat ears and dark eyes, correct bite, short neck and good straight front, short in back with a level topline, very well balanced dog that is pleasing to the eye from all angles, he didn’t surprise me when he moved so well



1st LITTLE BEAU GESTE. A well balanced Standard sized veteran of 7 years. Good head that is clean and balanced, perfect scissor bite, neat ears, good front and feet, short in back with a level topline on the move and stacked, correct rear angulations, Moved and handled well. BVIS







1st RUBERICLA LITTLE ELITA ONE. Classy black brindle bitch that has a nice head that is clean and balanced, neat ears, dark round eye, correct scissor bite, pleasing expression. Good straight front and tidy feet, short neck and well laid back shoulders, short coupled and well angulated back end, moved soundly but a tad close behind, shown in lovely condition

2nd HOMAFAR APRIL THOUGHTS. Another nice brindle bitch of a type I like but still developing, Good balanced head, neat ears, correct bite, her front is straight with enough width but needs to tighten up as do her feet, her body is balanced with good rear angulations, moved ok



1st NICKAYNE UPTOWN GIRL. Pretty black brindle bitch full of breed type, excellent head and expression, dark round eye, correct rose ear, good scissor bite, strong underjaw. Short powerful neck and close coupled, good spring of rib. I would have preferred her to be a bit more balanced throughout her body. Moved ok and handled well

2nd MANARK VELVET. Smaller than 1 but still a good bitch, pleasing head with distinct stop and correct bite, short powerful neck, straight front, well padded feet, short coupled, moved ok shown in good condition.




1st MILLS SIDAM WONDER. Standard sized bitch of strength, good head, dark eye, neat ears. Her body is balanced and short coupled, good rear angulations. This bitch would benefit from fitness and ring training to give her more of a chance in the show ring.



1st BETHALEESE’S MY GIRL. There was lots to like about this bitch, she has a pretty balanced head with a nice expression, neat ears, dark eye, distinct stop, correct bite and clean lipped. Straight front and neat feet, she is balanced and holds a level top line when stood and moving, her rear angulations are correct as is her tail set and carriage, unfortunately she was overweight and didn’t have the muscle tone I would expect. Moved ok and handled well.





1st BULLHAWK MAYBE MYTIME. Black brindle bitch with white markings, a tad stronger than I would normally go for but you couldn’t deny her today. Strong headed bitch but the head is balanced and clean, nice round dark eye that finish off a keen expression, neat ears and excellent bite. Her front is straight and her feet are neat and well padded, her body is short coupled and balanced. Good strong backend with correct angulations and good tail carriage. She was in tip top condition and moved well. B/B

2nd KIMSTAFF’S KIARA. Black brindle bitch that I like a lot but her fitness let her down today. Standard size with a very nice balanced head, neat ears, distinct stop, dark eye and good bite. Good straight front with good width. Well put together balanced body with good rear angulations. Moved well



1st REVELRY SOUL DIVA. This eye catching black brindle bitch is of a type I like, nice head shape that is balanced, good dark eye, distinct stop and well pronounced cheek muscles, correct bite. She has a Powerful short neck and her front is straight and her feet neat, good depth of brisket, good top line and well angulated rear. She really made her handler work today but I saw enough quality to award her the class and reserve best bitch.

2nd MANARK STAR OF STONER. Standard sized pied bitch, pretty head, ears a little flighty, dark eye and correct scissor bite. Her front is straight and well boned, good depth of brisket, short coupled and good rear angulations, moved well.